Meet Harriet! Harriet is the most versatile member of the family, very social and helpful. That is why you will find her at every type of station. She often comes in pairs or as a group, in a dynamic angled position, to provide efficiency where lineups might form. Harriet makes sure that everyone’s needs are met and adjusts her process to different types of travellers. She is kind of everybody’s darling, really, and takes care of all passengers.

She is designed with different heights and angles to support people with varying reach, and her frame is wheelchair-, stroller- and walker-friendly. The protective metal sheet around the screen blocks the sun to provide optimal readability of the touch screen, and she has physical buttons for a better haptic interface.



The Care Taker

Greta is the largest member of the family. She accepts cash and therefore is sturdier and larger than Ingrid and Harriet. Greta's primary focus is serving new travellers, who are not familiar with the system and the area. She will take good care of anyone "outside" of the system, i.e. not using the app or a jojo card. That is why Greta is calm and supportive. You don't have to be fast and efficient when using her, she'll help you along the way.

You will find Greta at big stations, a little aside from the main path of movement, but clearly visible, in a quieter area, where you can be sure to not stand in the way of the rushing frequent travellers and can take your time to figure out where to go next.



The Booster

Ingrid might appear small and nimble, but oh, she is smart. Ingrid is made for you, when you are a registered frequent traveller. She knows you well and she uses that knowledge to make sure you get the right ticket fast. She learns routines and presents you with shortcuts to save precious seconds when running for the train.

She's placed where you move when traveling, as opposed to a central location. If there's a cluster of Harriets and Gretas, you can be sure that there is an Ingrid nearby, on the direct path to the platform. If there's a place where you stop for coffee every morning on your way to the train, you'll find Ingrid there. There will be many Ingrids, and often at temporary locations like large events.

She is your reliable sidekick and your speed boost on your way to work in the morning.