This is our vision for the future of ticket machines


For a few months Block Zero has been working with Skånetrafiken developing concepts for the future of ticket machines. We have been focusing on the experience of entering a train station, approaching the machines and the attitude and personality traits of the machines. Scroll down to see all of our concepts around this.

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At the beginning of a project it’s all about exploration and the faster you work, the more you are able to explore. That’s why we always begin with pen and paper. The drawings do not have to be the best in the world but that doesn’t matter - it’s about gathering and sharing ideas with the design team.

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Design has the wonderful ability to build opportunities from constraints - that’s the bases of it really. And at the end of a project, if you can identify how you’ve made the experience delightful for all types of users, then you’ve done your job properly.

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We understand the station environment as an organism where ticket machines are independent actors as opposed to passive tools. Turning the machines into subjects instead of objects allows us to create moments of context which are more delightful and less frustrating.

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Machines with personality

We have created different personas for different machines, suiting the needs of different passengers and we have given each type of machine a specific character, which informs a lot of design decisions both within the industrial design and the UI flow.

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